Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: How can it Aid in Learning Process


Music education can help spark a child’s imagination or ignite a lifetime of passion. When you provide a child with new worlds to explore and challenges to tackle, the possibilities are endless. Music education should not be a privilege for a lucky few; it should be a part of every child’s world of possibility. -Hillary Clinton


Music is everywhere.

Music is what makes life interesting and enjoyable.

In every beat;

In every rhythm;

In every lyrics;

Music can give us sense of inspiration in any forms and means.

How it is possible?

Well, it will always be the hidden secret behind the magic of music.

Music is just a composition made possible by lyrics, notes and other musical components. As you try to examine, it is just a simple piece of work but looking at it will not be the final step. When you try to read it, you will find a message, whatever it is it always conveys meaning. Sometimes, you will encounter song that will best describe you. Oftentimes, music is anchored based on real life experiences. Everyone has the ability to form his own music but only few can make a worthy master piece.

Music is not just an interest or a hobby to consider. It has something to do with how you can internalized your inside thoughts. It can always give you time for self realization and for a self check.


Now, how music is integrated in actual learning process?

There are lots of ways on how we can jibe music in learning. As a student, how can music help you in terms of studying your lesson?

Let’s give a short talk about it;

As a student you can use music by;

  • Listening while memorizing
  • There are some learners (considered to be as auditory learners) who can memorize well when there is a presence of music. They feel inspired and motivated to study further because they can hear their favorite play lists.
  • Listening while writing
  • As you try to make a written composition, sometimes there were times that you are out of words to write. It really happens. As a music lover, you can simply play your song and be inspired of it. We can always find inspiration and reason to continue writing.
  • Listening while doing projects
  • Loaded school projects are quite stressful. There were times wherein you can no longer handle the pressure as well as the deadline that you need to meet. You can give yourself a break by listening to your playlist. Music can surely give you sense of relaxation and a meantime escape from the entire deadline.
  • Listening while enhancing vocabulary
  • Of course, you need to admit that you don’t know all the words. There were always rooms for discovery. As a student who engages in actual learning process, music can help you increase your vocabulary power. While listening, you can hear unfamiliar words. Are you going to disregard it? Well, you will surely find a way to know the meaning of it. In that way, you can empower your words.

You can always find the beneficial features of music in our lives.

It exists because of a certain need.

Yeah! That is perfectly true.

Now, where can you find a perfect pair to enjoy your music in a less hassle way?

You can always rely on Speakstick.

Speakstick offers quality Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker that you can bring with you always. Yes you read it right! Since, waterproof Bluetooth speaker is made in a handy feature you can always take it with you.

Play your music with Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by Speakstick.

Enjoy life to the fullest through music.

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Music: A Life Changing Weapon you will Always Love




“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” –Bob Marley

Music is all about expression of one’s person perspective. It is all about feelings and emotions.  Music is not about the language itself but it deals primarily on what kind of atmosphere it generated. Through the world of music, you will make impossible things to be possible. You can have a wide range of imagination. Music is all about life.

How can music change your life?

Music, for some, is one of the most important discoveries of the humankind. It can touch, influence, and change someone’s life. Check more of it below:

  1.    Let music speaks for you

There were times that you will be in the situation that you are out of words. You can’t utter any words to say. Your voice is weakened by problems and fears. You feel so tremble and you don’t know what to say. During that time, let music helps you express your feelings. Let the lyrics, the note and anything about music speak on behalf of you.

  1.   Let music heals your inner wounds

There were moments when you will down and weary. You are mentally and emotionally drained as if you are the only one struggling in so much pain. When you feel alone, let music be your crying buddy.

  1.   Let music finds your peace

There were moments wherein you feel stressed and unwanted; as if you are living in a world where peace is absent as if everything comes in a disorderly manner and you have nothing to make things right. By that means, let music helps you find your peace. Music can make your mind relax and stress-free.

  1.   Let music builds friendship

There were moments wherein you will feel alone and unwanted. You will feel isolated and a loner because you think no one will accept you. Let music finds your group. Same beat, same note, same flow and the same choice of preference will make you be part of the team. With music, you will always be part of every journey.

  1.   Let music forms connection

There were moments wherein you feel that you are out of line. Let music connects you to your strengths and abilities. Let music develops your connection in dealing with the different demands of life.

  1.   Let music search your purpose

There were times wherein you don’t have the idea on why do you keep on living your life. Sometimes, you might think that you are already out of the purpose. By that means, let music helps you discover your purpose in life. It becomes the reason why you exist and the reason why you keep on fighting despite all the down moments. Let music help you win your purpose.

Music for all kinds of emotions is now made possible by Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker of Speakstick. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is a handy speaker that you can bring anytime and anywhere. Speakstick assures the product quality and provides fast shipping. No need to wait too long to enjoy the music brought to you by waterproof Bluetooth speaker.




Morning Exercises with Bluetooth Headphone by Speakstick

There are lots of ways on how to start our morning. It is just a matter of combinations and preferences on what particular activities we will choose to brighten up our day.

Let us be specific. Since morning is usually dedicated for a set of bodily exercises, how can you make this routine enjoyable? How can you have it as a great kickstart to make it a big day? Here are some of those tips to boost up your energy;

  1. Setting up your system

When you open your eyes, you need to be ready for the task you need to face. Make your mind and body ready for the new set of challenges. Avoid stressing yourself too much because it can affect your mood and you will not be able to perform your work well. Remember, your purpose in having your morning exercises is to build up strong foundation of body systems.

  1. Be motivated

In whatever things you will make, you need to be positively motivated to work on it. For you to enjoy what you are doing, then you need to perform it with passion.  Being motivated is a matter of excitement in doing a particular set of task. To achieve healthy living by means of exercising then you need to be motivated enough to perform your task.

  1. Love what you are doing

The best way to feel your task is to completely love what you are doing. Doing things without love and interest is just like a music box without music. How can you perform well if you are not that compassionate to do it? Always bear n mind the main purpose of exercising, to gain enough energy to perform each day without complication.  In everything you do, always put your heart and soul for better result.

  1. Be optimistic

The success of a certain work will always depend on how you do it. If you want to gain positive result then you need to earn it. There will be no shortcut for success. If you want to lose or gain weight then you need to do something to achieve what you desire. Process in doing something you want is quite risky but don’t quit, just let things happen best results will surely come at the end of the race.

Above all tips mentioned, what can you add to make those more realistic?

The most common and easiest way to enhance quality of work is through the use of music. Since your task is morning exercise, why not adding some music into it. When you jog or walk at your place or even just staying at a certain spot to exercise, you can add music.

Bluetooth headphones by Speakstick can help your morning routine enjoyable and exciting.  Bluetooth Headphones are also considered as best workout headphones. How can we say so? Since headphone is handy, you can bring and use it anytime anywhere. Jog and walk anywhere, you can always have with you your Bluetooth headphone.

Watch this.

Bluetooth headphone by Speakstick comes in fast shipping and lifetime guarantee that you will surely love and enjoy.


Gadgets and Gizmos


The emergence of different technology today is rapidly growing. Before, the gadgets and devices are not a requirement for people but in this generation, it’s a necessity and part of the human’s basic need. You may have never have perceived of choice paralysis but you’ll absolutely have been influenced by it. Choice paralysis can be experienced when you want something but there are lots of choices to choose from. Here we present the updated list of top tech you can own to save your time and effort of doing all research with the trendy gadgets you might have.


This list will feature one item on each category. If you are the kind of person who wants nothing but the best, this is the ultimate shopping list for you.


  • Dell XPS 13 – Ranked as the best laptop for good person. This laptop is thin and light. It also managed the battery life for about seven hours and more when running a video test.


  • Apple IPhone X – This IPhone edition marks the best phone in the year of 2017 because of its stunning display. With IPhone X, the device is the display. An all new 8 inch Super Retina screens fill the hand and dazzles the eyes.


  • Nikon D850 – This camera has a high resolution that meets high speed. Compared in any other branded camera, it has a vivid 45.4 MP full-frame sensor, magnificent image quality, and that’s where the story begins.


  • New IPAD 2017 – This tablet has sharp 9.7 inch display, beautiful design and A9-chip, and a cost-effective and much more affordable.


  • LG SIGNATURE W-SERIES “WALLPAPER” TV – In a world of internet-connected coffeemakers and juicers and so on and so forth, it’s good to look for a gadget aiming to crack for problems of a higher order. Consumers anticipate new screens to build TV shows and movies incredibly appear.


  • SPEAKSTICK WATERPROOF BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS – speakstick Bluetooth speaker is a water resistant. The speaker offers more fun while portraying your favorite music and it generates most of your personal flashes more active than you ever had. You have it right away because it has fast free shipping, a one-year warranty, 24/7 support and quality guarantee.


Finding gadgets to compliment your lifestyle may be tough. There are plenty of options when it comes to valuable and convenient gadgets. It’s easy to become dazed and stunned by the absolute number of new choices that are now hitting the trend, but the smartest and practical consumers know how to pick the best that will give praise their lifestyle and overlook the other.

For comments and suggestions, comment below.

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HOUSE PARTY is THE NEW “GOING OUT” with Speakstick’s Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

House parties are becoming more popular in some countries as their innovative social activity. Some says that house parties are safer and cozy than going out elsewhere compared with traditional ways of socializing. These homey and incorporated ways of partying are definitely a fascination to urban residents who always crave for something new and up-to-the-minute.


A house party should be the decisive social gathering. You are in control dissimilar to a club or lounge. The music, guest list, hours of tolerant fun—and the particulars are all in your hands. But with huge power comes great responsibility and if you do not manage things at this instant, your next summons will get removed ahead of the time and sooner than you read.

Tips for tossing a once in a blue moon house party

  1. Choose the best theme

Each party always has a theme. The traditional buying of costumes, props, decorations and all, make sure that everyone are in their best get up according to your house party’s theme. Some of the simplest parties choose to engage in a pajama party for they think that it is more convenient and reasonably priced.

  1. Finalize your guest list

You can’t party alone and it can’t be called party if no one’s there to hang out with. Obviously, you’re going to invite all of your colleagues. As they say, the more the merrier. Just make sure you specifies its friends of friends of friends only, nobody wants a house full of unfamiliar person.

  1. Make a list of food and beverages

Prepare any dishes that are appropriate on the planned party. Make certain that your guests will surely love it. A good party should have a good food and drinks also. Make a detailed cooking for your desire dishes.


  1. Make a upbeat playlist

Of the greatest significance for a countless reasons, first of all, nobody wishes to stay at a house party when the music is dreadful and the atmosphere is of poor quality. Make a super elongated playlist the night in advance and attach it on just as your first guests reach your destination. If you have enough time, you can create a playlist imaginatively. You have a small amount of hours of chatting tunes to get everyone dancing. Your final hour is the time to play two of more relaxed music to round things off. Creating a playlist minimizes the chances of any of your guests to leave your house just because they got bored.


Set up your most wanted music to boost the over-all ambiance of your house party. Maximize the sound of music to hype up your guest’s energy and confidently do your dance and enjoy the party with good people and good music. A Bluetooth shower speaker can play your music.

Speakstick’s Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers are here to be your party starter pack. These speakers come with fast free shipping and a lifetime guarantee. You may choose among the three collections; the classic, the pro and the prime.

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Good Times and Good Music with Speakstick Speakers

Traveling around the world is the greatest pleasure of everybody. Travel while you’re young and able. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Freedom has been there waiting for you all along. Travel often. Getting lost will help you find yourself. The world is a book and if you do not travel, you read only one page. How about travelling with music? Isn’t it more fun? Taking a trip while listening to music, adds color for the whole journey especially if it is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. You can set your music free as you are voyaging freely and limitless.


Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker as Your Travel Buddy

You can pack for every occasion but a good friend like a Bluetooth speaker will always be the best and the greatest thing you could ever bring with. Here are some of the reasons why Bluetooth speakers can be your best travel buddy.

  • Easily connects with all kinds of mobile devices such as phones, tablets and etc.
  • Much convenient than the other Bluetooth speakers because it is easy to navigate.
  • It costs affordably compared to others.
  • A handy and lightweight speaker that suits to small bags and luggage.
  • It functions everywhere in the world, no matter what activities you want to make a fuss of into.

Your normal and typical travel bucket list will be a more fun-worth experience that no one has ever done before. And with these waterproof Bluetooth speakers, an on-the-go like you will satisfies you in your trek.

Choose What’s Best for You!

Your choice varies on your desires and needs. Your daily day will never be the same as before when you have waterproof Bluetooth speakers or simply the “Shower Speaker”, which is consisted of a:

  • free fast shipping;
  • 1 year warranty;
  • support 24/7; and
  • Quality guarantee!

Confused of where to find out these shower speakers that encompasses the benefits that were written above? Worry no more! Smart Mixture has created 3 various shower speakers. Since our goal is to set your music free, the said speaker will bring you good times, good music, good memories when you are checking your travel. You have choices to choose from. Speakstick has three special features of shower speakers; the classic, the pro, and the prime. Each speaker has its distinctive principles and is of available to particular markets and activities. Plus, it also has different colors to pick depending on your taste and preference.

You can bring it with you anytime and anywhere you’ve wanted. A high-quality affordable and handy waterproof Bluetooth speaker is the best for your longing. Don’t forget to bring the Bluetooth shower speaker to ensure your music while getting pleasure from the moments outside your comfort zone because life is better with music!

So hurry up and buy this Speakstick Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers. You will go through a brand new and fantastic experience while travelling around the world. We are here to answer every question you might have. Contact the Smart Mixture’s Customer Hotline number at (301) 723-5749 or send us an email at

Good times, good music and good memories with SpeakSticks!

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Speakstick Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: Your Memoir Companion


What’s good in listening music is that it changes our mood in all kinds of infinite ways. It makes us feel happy or sad, inspired or uplifted. Music moves us, and soothes us. It also stimulates. It is an astonishing gift to humankind. It makes us desire to dance or sing. It also helps a lot especially if that person is single or lonesome. The extreme love of music fulfills the emotional needs in so many ways that you have no need to settle on relationships. It can be exquisitely subtle or wildly rough: from a lullaby, to an upbeat, metallic or eargasmic, depending on the speaker you are going to use but a Bluetooth speaker will do.

Meanwhile, here’s what music do for you that no one can. Try to imagine your life without music? Isn’t it distressing? The few reasons listed below will help you understand why music is a necessity in living and its significance.

Why music is a necessity in living?

  • Music touches your soul. Well, depending on what kind of music you like, you fall in love with some songs.
  • When no one’s there for you, music is here.
  • Music enlightens your mind and helps you to become a better and clever person. Your mind unlocks when you listen to good music and allows you to be a lot smarter and calmer individual.
  • Listening to music is also a form of meditating yourself. Relaxing music brings peace to you. Any kind of relaxing, calming music can contribute to calmer moods.
  • Music takes away the stress in you. It rejuvenates your mind.
  • Music helps you feel well when you‘re not. It serves as a therapy. Music can be your pain killer.
  • Music is everywhere. You can find it anytime you want and anywhere you go. The whistling wind, the drops of water in the shower room it is already music. Anything you can hear is considered as music.

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. Feeling blue, yet? We feel you. But there’s no need to worry because we have something to offer here that you will surely love. Music needs a device to be played. So when it comes to playing, here’s the Speakstick waterproof Bluetooth speaker to be your memoir companion. Since this speaker is waterproof, you can take it in your shower room, let’s call it shower speaker.

Speakstick was produced for the reason that music is the healer of the human race because it has no limits. We aim to set your music free. You have choices to choose from. Speakstick has three innovative shower speakers; the classic, the pro, and the prime. Each speaker has its distinctive principles and is of available to particular markets and activities. Plus, you don’t have to wait and think too much because these are included:

  • free fast shipping;
  • 1 year warranty;
  • support 24/7; and
  • Quality guarantee!

These speakers are made for everyone who fund of listening music whenever, wherever. So, what are you waiting for? Buy now and choose your speaker! Speakstick waterproof Bluetooth speaker: Your memoir companion.

We are here to answer every question you might have. Contact SmartMixture’s Consumer Care number at (301) 392-7640 or email us at SpeakStick waterproof Bluetooth speakers, set your music free!